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Organic Approach to Mosquito and Tick Control

mosquito-female-ready-to-bite-w-photo-credit-1Want to outsmart these nasty pests and enjoy your yard? You don’t need to pull out the chemical warfare. Instead, let nature take over.

Here’s a 3 Step approach to organic mosquito and tick control that works:

  1. Apply 100% Organic Treatments: Essential oils are safe and powerful. Our Certified Applicators thoroughly apply our organic formula to kill the pests on contact and create a natural barrier that repels them for up to 3 weeks.
  2. Take Away Hot Spots: Tall grasses, overgrown shrubs and shady areas are pest magnets. Giroud can help by removing brush, trimming and shaping shrubs and pruning shade trees to let in more sun.
  3. Remove Standing Water: Event the smallest amount of water is a perfect landing spot for mosquitoes to breed. Remove or regularly empty anything that catches and holds water no matter how small. Even the saucers under planters or candles can be water catchers. Ponds, bird baths and other larger areas of standing water in the landscape may need a biologically safe treatment that destroys mosquito larvae but protects fish, birds and other aquatic life.

Concerned about ticks and mosquitoes? Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will be happy to do a free evaluation.



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