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Mosquitoes-stop swatting

Mosquitoes – Stop Swatting and Take Control of Your Yard!

Summertime means enjoying your yard with the family. You need to prep your property for barbecuing, playing in the sprinkler, and lounging in the sun. As you hose down the patio furniture and sweep off the deck, you’ll probably be greeted by another beacon of warm weather outdoor time: Mosquitoes. When mosquitoes are eating you alive, it’s tough to enjoy your yard! Read on to learn about Giroud’s effective Mosquito Control Programs!

Giroud offers 2 types of Mosquito Control

  1. Traditional: A highly effective program, our insecticide treatments have staying power to control adults, larvae, and eggs.  Once dried, treated areas are safe for people and pets.
  2. 100% Organic: Our special 100% Organic formula gets the job done with essential oils including peppermint and cedar oils which are natural repellents. Treatments are safe for children, pets, and pollinators like bees and butterflies.

For more details on both programs, check out our Post- Organic versus Traditional Mosquito and Tick Control: Which is Best for You?

Here’s how Giroud’s Mosquito Control Works

  1. Risk Assessment: Your Giroud Arborist will do a comprehensive inspection of your property. He will identify mosquito hot spots and develop a customized Mosquito Control Program.
  2. Best Timing for Treatment: Mosquito populations skyrocket as the weather gets warmer. Giroud recommends treatments every 3 weeks, especially during the warmest months. Additional treatments may be required for properties with unusually high mosquito populations.
  3. Complete Mosquito Control: To be successful, mosquitoes must be controlled where they hide. They love any dark, moist environment or dense vegetation. Every time Giroud visits your property for a treatment, your Giroud Technician will walk your entire property to identify and treat all of the mosquito hot spots. We use a two-step approach:
    • Perimeter sprays: Mosquitoes do not use lawns as resting places. Instead, they look for sheltered areas that are out of direct sunlight. Your Giroud Technician will apply treatment along the edges of your property to create a mosquito barrier.
    • Hot Spots: Mosquitoes must be controlled where they congregate. Of course, the most important control points are in the outdoor spaces where you live, eat, and play. Each application will cover these Hot Spots including foliage, vegetation areas, mulch beds, buildings, porches, eaves, decks, and patios.

Other Ways to Fight Biting Insects

Wear light and neutral-colored clothing: Mosquitoes are attracted to things that mimic nature like the colors in flowers, foliage, or animals. Dress in white, beige, or khaki if they’re heading out for an adventure.

Go Natural: Avoid heavily scented shampoos and any products that contain fragrances

Use Repellents: DEET is the go-to chemical repellent, but there are natural alternatives. Often sold in health food stores, non-toxic, botanical repellents should be reapplied about every thirty minutes to remain effective. Repellents containing soybean oil protect for about ninety minutes. This is comparable to DEET. When mosquitoes start landing on you again, that’s the signal to reapply your repellent.

Remove or Empty Objects that Collect Water: Mosquitoes need water for two stages of their life cycle. Keep rain gutters clear and unclogged. Remove old tires, buckets, plastic covers, or any other container. Empty and change the water in birdbaths, fountains, wading pools, rain barrels and potted plant trays at least once a week. Drain temporary pools of water or fill with dirt. “Consider purchasing a battery-operated water motion machine or a water baffler machine for your pond,” suggests Giroud Plant Health Care Manager, Rodney Stahl, Jr. “These water agitators will keep water in motion and deter mosquitoes from breeding”

Prune or Remove Overgrown Vegetation: Mosquitoes are shade lovers. The Giroud Team can eliminate shady habitats in two ways. First, cleaning up and/or clearing overgrown areas. Second, pruning tree branches and shrubs around the lawn edge to let in more sunlight.

Use yellow light bulbs in outdoor fixtures. They aren’t as attractive to bugs.

Plant mosquito-repelling plants. These include scented geraniums, lemon thyme, marigold, tansy, citrus plants, sweet basil, and/or sassafras near your home.

For more tips on how to prevent mosquito bites, Click Here to see what the Center for Disease Control has to say!

Get started today with FREE Property Evaluation with your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist!

Call 215-682-7704 to schedule your appointment now. Visit https://giroudtree.com/pest-control/ for more information about Giroud’s Organic and Traditional Mosquito and Tick Control Programs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are able to protect your property, and your children, from nasty, biting insects this summer!

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