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Mom keeps kids safe from mosquitoes

Mom vs. Mosquitoes! How One Mother Protects Her Kids from Biting Insects

A few weeks ago, we spoke with Jeanne Hafner, Giroud Marketing Team Leader, about how she had her backyard trees cleaned up to keep her kids safe from falling deadwood. As we move into the hot summer months, Jeanne has taken an additional step to make her yard a safer place to play- with mosquito control treatments by Giroud! Here’s her story.

COVID-19 Makes Childcare a Struggle

Like many working parents struggling to get through the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jeanne is faced with a summer with limited camp and childcare options for her kids. A little over a month ago, she hired the Giroud crew to clean all of the deadwood out of a neighbor’s tree that was hanging dangerously over her kid’s play area. But as the weather has warmed up, she faced another backyard battle- – – Mosquitoes!

The Center for Disease Control states that there are over 200 types of mosquitoes in the United States, and many of the transmit diseases and germs. Kids playing outside are susceptible to all kinds of illnesses related to these annoyingly dangerous insects.

“My kids need to have a safe space to play so that I can work from home,” explains Jeanne. “By around 4pm every day, they were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes! I knew I had to do something to save our summer.”

Organic and Traditional Mosquito Control

Drew then went over Giroud’s two mosquito control options- Organic and Traditional. He explained how each program works and gave recommendations for what he thought would be best for Jeanne’s property.

To learn more about Traditional vs. Organic Mosquito and Tick Control, Click Here!

“I opted for the Traditional Program,” says Jeanne. “I have some neighbors around me with a lot of standing water in their yards and overgrown trees and shrubs. I knew I needed to strongest program I could get! Drew showed me the ingredient list for both products, and I felt confident that they were both safe for my kids.”

The Results

“I am honestly blown away!” says Jeanne. “After the first spray, I saw results immediately. Before getting treatments, we could never enjoy our yard after dinnertime! Now, the kids and I are outside almost every night, looking for constellations and  having s’mores over our firepit!”

More importantly, she knows her kids are much safer from mosquitoes, ticks, and other disease-carrying insects. She can get her work down while the kids are playing happily outside.

“The fact that my kids aren’t coming inside, interrupting my work time, to whine about a buggy backyard is worth every single penny!”

For more information on steps you can take to protect your kids from mosquitoes and ticks this summer, Click Here!

Get Started on Your Mosquito-Free Yard Today!

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are able to protect your property, and your children from nasty, biting insects this summer! Giroud Property evaluations are always FREE. Call 215-682-7704 to schedule your appointment.

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