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Meet the Giroud Lawncare Technicians

Meet Your Giroud Lawn Care Technicians!

We are right in the midst of Lawn Care Season, and the Giroud Lawn Care Technicians are busy out on customers’ properties delivering excellent service and fantastic results! If you see one of these 3 smiling faces out on your own property, feel free to say hello! Paul Ruffenach, Bill Krowchena, and Tom McMonagle are incredibly knowledgeable Lawn Care Technicians and they are more than happy to talk about lawns with you! Today, we are highlighting this dynamic team so you can get to know them a little better.

Bill Krowchena Giroud Lawncare TechnicianBill Krowchena joined Giroud in April of 2018, but he has been working in Lawn Care for 15 years. Bill’s philosophy is that he treats each customer’s property like it’s his own! He loves being a Lawn Care Technician because he enjoys being outside on the road and getting to see new things every day. He looks forward to interacting with customers and making their lawns look great! Bill has a great sense of humor and brings light-hearted, fun energy to the Giroud culture. Plus, he has skill and expertise of a top-notch Lawn Care Technician.

Bill lives in Warminster with his wife, Krystal, his son, William, and their little dog, Pepper. In his spare time, he and his family enjoy watching movies, taking trips to the beach, and getting together with friends and family. While his wife does arts and crafts, he and William play video games together.

Tom McMonagle Giroud Lawncare TechnicianTom McMonagle has been in the Lawn Care industry for 16 years, and 8 of them he has been a Lawn Care Technician at Giroud. He loves the freedom that comes with working in the industry and the chance to be outside in the sunshine almost all day. When it comes to lawn care, Tom’s motto is “Simple is Best”! He is a master in efficiency and managing his client’s properties to be sure they receive the best service and get the best results!

In his spare time, Tom loves bass fishing! He has two bass boats and he competes in bass fishing tournaments whenever he gets the chance.

Paul Ruffenach Giroud Lawncare TechinicanPaul Ruffenach joined Giroud back in 2018, and he has been working in Lawn Care for 6 years. He loves being outside and meeting with people on his routes every day. He is a very reliable, stand-up guy who comes in every day with a can-do attitude and a smile on his face. When it comes to Lawn Care, Paul’s philosophy is that every lawn is different and you can’t compete with your neighbors. He enjoys helping his customers cultivate great lawns, and he delivers those great results with programs tailored for each lawn’s specific needs!

We are incredibly proud of the Giroud Lawn Care Technicians and we invite you to see what they can do to make your lawn lush, green and healthy! Give us a call at 215-682-7704 to schedule your FREE Lawn Care Evaluation Today!

Author: Jeanne Hafner

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  • James Verrelli

    TOM—friendly, knowledgeable,respectful,always willing to answer my questions–what more could i want!

    • Jeanne Hafner

      We think he’s pretty awesome, too, James! Thanks for your comment 🙂