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Massive Trees Uproot in Storm Causing Property Damage in Meadowbrook

Massive Trees Uproot in Storm Causing Property Damage in Meadowbrook PA Incredibly large, uprooted trees and broken branches littered a property in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania after a big winter Nor’easter swept through the area. A Giant White Oak and a huge Beech both smashed down on top of the shed. A Red Oak fell so close to the homeowners’ heating and cooling units that you couldn’t even slip a finger between them. All 3 trees uprooted, leaving a monstrous tangle of massive root balls and debris.  Large sections of fencing were destroyed. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the property suffered extensive damage in the wake of this storm.

Giroud Tree and Lawn’s crew had quite a challenge with these tree removals. See how they moved the huge trees safely over buildings, worked around 9 feet of concrete found inside a trunk, and what you, as a homeowner, can do to help prevent such a catastrophe on your property.

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Not a Typical Tree Removal

Since the trees crashed in the back of the property, access wasn’t easy. Crew members had to carefully walk along the smashed shed roof to remove fallen limbs.  A crane was used to lift the large logs, piece by piece, over the shed and down to the ground. Using a remote control, the crew was able to use a stump grinder to quickly clear out the stumps.

Chainsaw Hits Concrete in Middle of Tree Trunk

While breaking down a huge tree trunk, Crew Leader Dan Rombold found an unexpected surprise . As he tried to cut through the trunk, his chainsaw hit concrete! He moved down a bit and hit concrete again.  Moved down a bit more and hit concrete yet again.   Turns out the concrete extended through the trunk for 9 feet, making removal extremely difficult.

How the concrete got there to begin with is a mystery. Regardless, Rombold and his crew needed to find a way to break up the log in order to get it over the house.

Thinking on his feet, Rombold got creative and used the remote controlled stump grinder to chip away at the wood around the concrete center. Then Dan was able to snap the concrete in half by lifting the log with the crane and applying pressure.

Giroud Crew Finds Solutions for Unexpected Situations

When dealing with tree removals, you never know what you’re going to find! Giroud’s tree removal crew is always prepared for the unexpected. They’re able to troubleshoot even the most unusual situations in order to get the job done safely and efficiently. Thanks to their ingenuity, Rombold and his crew were still able to finish the job on time and for the price originally quoted.


Disasters such as this one can leave homeowners wondering what they could have done to prevent such catastrophic property damage.

“Sometimes when Mother Nature calls, there are tragedies that just can’t be prevented,” explains ISA Certified Giroud Arborist, Rob Nagy. “When conditions are the perfect mix of saturated soil with too much wind, snow or ice, trees can just uproot. But there are many things you can do strengthen your trees so they are better prepared for these situations.”

Nagy recommends taking the following actions now:

  • Have your trees and shrubs inspected at least annually for signs of stress cracks in the trunk, disease and insect infestation.
  • Put your trees and shrubs on a vitamin plan with Deep Root Fertilizer Feedings to strengthen the root systems. Giroud uses a time release formula to provide critical nutrients for 12 months.
  • Have your trees pruned regularly to clean out deadwood and also to thin out the crown so heavy wind flows more freely through the crown.
  • Have cable support systems installed in trees that are in danger of splitting.

Most importantly, when choosing a tree care company, make sure representatives are ISA Certified Arborists. Also, check that the tree service is a TCIA Accredited Company, which will assure you that they strive for the highest standards of safety, legal and ethical practices.

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