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Large Hemlock Crashes on Home-Video Shows Amazing Tree Removal

Large Hemlock Crashes Down on Home, Video Shows Amazing Tree RemovalAs the latest Winter storm blew through the Philadelphia area, many trees toppled, causing severe damage to local homes. One homeowner, in Northeast Philadelphia, experienced the wrath of the storm first hand when a very large Hemlock cracked at the base and crashed down on their roof.  They reached out to the Giroud Arborist On-Call after office hours for help with the emergency!

Giroud Arborists are faced with challenges every day. But, this particular situation was definitely one of the trickiest the crew had ever seen. The massive trunk was resting in such a way that, if removed incorrectly, could do major damage to the home. Unfortunately, the narrow driveway and overhead wires made it impossible to drive a crane in to lift the log.

Large Hemlock Crashes Down on Home, Video Shows Amazing Tree RemovalArborist Rob Nagy and Crew Leader Dan Rombold devised a plan with their team members, Buddy Crawley and Kirk Leary.

“This is a storm damage situation.” adds Nagy. “This job is definitely not the norm.  Getting this tree down safely is 100% our main objective here.”

After careful consideration, keeping safety at the forefront of the mission, the team created a pulley system with the roof acting as a fixed support. They tied lines from three anchor points: a tall, sturdy Sycamore tree in the backyard, the Giroud Wood Chipper truck and the Giroud Bobcat.

“With our limited access and tie in points, we have to go over top of the house,” explained Rombold. “We have it anchored off to the chipper, so when he makes the cut, the piece won’t go flying off the house.”

Large Hemlock Crashes Down on Home, Video Shows Amazing Tree Removal

Once everything was securely in place and safety checks were thoroughly run, Buddy Crawley was able to cut the tree apart.  Then, the ground crew members used the pulley system to control and slowly lower it to the ground.

Watch the video here see to how this phenomenal crew communicates with one another to execute this amazing tree removal!


It takes a certain level of innovation, precision and expertise to safely remove a tree like this! Homeowners shouldn’t trust just anyone with a job of this nature. Call the experts at Giroud Tree & Lawn!


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