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Hurricane Alert: Steps To Take Now

Hurricane Irene is likely to hit our region with high winds and rain. If Irene strikes, we want to encourage you to take steps to protect your family and property from potential tree damage. Here are just a few of the actions you can take:

Before the storm hits:

  1. Park your car in an open, high ground area away from large trees.
  2. Move patio furniture and other items into your garage that could be damaged by falling trees or become projectiles in high winds.
  3. Remove or securely tie canvas awnings.
  4. Put trash cans in a secure area or tie them down.
  5. Move play equipment out from under large trees.

During the storm:

  1. As soon the winds begin to increase, keep people and pets away from large trees.
  2. Do not sleep in a bedroom where a large tree overhangs.
Please note that our Arborists and emergency Tree Crews are standing-by through the duration of the storm. Contact us at: 215-682-7704 or [email protected]. Our customers are always given top priority in any emergency.

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