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protect dogs from ticks

How to Protect Pets from Ticks in Fall and Winter

As we move into the fall, many homeowners think they can ease up on Tick treatments. But, if you have a pet that goes outside all year long, controlling these disease-carrying insects is still very important! Read on to learn how to protect your dog and other outdoor pets through winter.

Ticks are Active All Year

While summer is prime time for ticks, these bugs are unfortunately are still active in the Fall. According to a recent news article by Jerry Carino, Staff Writer on USA Today’s App.com: “You can get bitten by a tick year-round,” said Patricia Smith, president of the Wall-based Lyme Disease Association. “Unfortunately, now we know the ticks can be active when it’s above freezing.”

Dogs and other Pets are still using outdoor spaces

You may be ready to hunker down once the cool air moves in, but your dog is still using your yard for exercise and, of course, potty time! You need to make sure your yard and outdoor spaces are safe for your furry friend. Giroud offers a variety of control treatments to protect pets from ticks, including:

Other steps to making your outdoor space pet-friendly include:

  1. Remove containers that collect water or hold chemicals.  This will minimize the chances of your pet drinking tainted water and also reduce insect populations.
  2. Prune or Remove Overgrown Vegetation: Ticks and other insects are shade lovers. The Giroud Team can eliminate shady habitats in two ways. First, cleaning up and/or clearing overgrown areas. Second, pruning tree branches and shrubs around the lawn edge to let in more sunlight.
  3. Fencing: Ensure your pet’s safety by installing a fence or an Invisible Fence.

Concerned about protecting your pet from ticks? Contact Giroud Tree and Lawn! Your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist will be happy to do a free evaluation.

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