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Tree worms

How to Get Rid of Tree Worms and Caterpillar Worms

Spring is here! Along with the sunshine and great weather, tree worms, caterpillars, and other insects are hatching. They’re ready to eat, and if you’re not on the lookout, your tree might become a snack! Read on to learn what you can do about these bugs.

Web Worm nests can be found at the ends of tree branches.What are Tree Worms and Tree Caterpillars?

You might be seeing webs in trees with worms inside. The bugs are often referred to as tent worms, eastern tent caterpillars, web worms, or caterpillar worms. However, they are actually larvae, and their mother built the web to protect the growing bugs while they eat and grow. 

To know which kind of worm is invading your tree, look at where the web is located. Eastern Tent Caterpillar webs are usually found in the tree branch crotches. Web worms make their nests at the ends of the branch.

eastern tent caterpillar tree worms
Eastern Tent Caterpillars build their webs in the crotches of tree branches.

Are Worms and Caterpillars Harmful to Trees?

Tent Caterpillars and Web Worms attack a wide variety of deciduous trees, including: 

  • Wild Cherry
  • Apple
  • Crabapple
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Poplar
  • Walnut

These bugs can severely defoliate your tree if left unchecked. In particular, young trees can suffer a lot of damage because they need those leaves to grow and thrive.

Send the kids on a Hunt for Eastern Tent Caterpillars! Check out the activity here!

How to Get Rid of Tree Worms

The good news is that you can prevent a lot of damage by taking some simple steps.

  1. If the branches are safely within reach, you can pull the webs off or even trim the branches out. Make sure you kill the worms so they don’t come back to lay more eggs! How do you kill web worms? A simple solution of dish soap and water will do the trick!
  2. If you can’t reach the branches, call Giroud to have them pruned out by a professional.
  3. For severe infestations, Giroud offers effective treatments to kill the bugs.

Don’t let worms kill your trees! Call 215-682-7704 if you see signs of these bugs!

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