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Bare spots in lawn from too much shade

How to Combat Bare Spots in Shady Areas on Your Lawn

When it comes to growing grass in the shade, the struggle is real! It can be incredibly frustrating to invest your time and money in beautifying your lawn only to have bare patches dotting the areas under your trees. You may be tempted to pile on the grass seed, but there are other approaches you should consider. Read on to learn what the Lawn Care Experts at Giroud Tree and Lawn have to say about how to combat bare spots in shady areas on your lawn!

Grass needs a few vital elements to thrive- sun, water, and a great root system.  Your trees are in a constant battle with your grass for all three of these! What can be done to even the playing field?

Pruning your trees is a great start to good grass growth!

The branches and leaves of your trees are blocking sunlight from reaching the grass. Also, much of the rain that falls will run off the leaves of the tree before it filters down your lawn, leaving grass roots dry. Have your trees evaluated by a Giroud ISA Certified Arborist to see how they can be pruned back. This will allow sunshine and water to reach those blades of grass and promote healthy, green growth!

Keep it clean

Dead leaves, pine needles and other debris fall from your trees’ branches and litter the ground, blocking sun and rainwater from reaching the lawn. This same debris can lock in moisture without airflow, making the lawn area more susceptible to fungus and disease. It’s important to rake up the areas under your trees so your grass isn’t smothered and festering with infection.

Mow higher in the shade

If your grass is having trouble growing in the shade, mow a little higher in that area than you would the rest of your lawn. This grass will need as much help as it can to reach the sun rays!

Check the soil pH

Anything that filters down into the soil can affect its acidity, so trees contribute to pH level issues. The soil should have a pH of 7 in order to grow healthy, vibrant grass. Check out this video by Giroud Arborist and Lawn Care Expert, Rob Nagy, on how to measure the pH level in your soil.

Alternate ground cover

If all else fails, there are other options for ground cover in the shady areas under your trees instead of grass. Shade-friendly plants, such as pachysandra, can be hearty additions to any landscape. Add in some Bleeding Hearts and Thyme for seasonal color and interest and you’ll have a lovely garden area!

Start with a Lawn Evaluation

The best way to combat bare spots in shady areas on your lawn is to schedule a FREE Lawn Evaluation with your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist and Lawn Care Expert! He will start with a full assessment of the area you’re having trouble with and make recommendations for successful growth! Call 215-682-7704 to get started!

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