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How to Rebuild a Lawn

How to Rebuild a Lawn

Sometimes, the only solution is to tear out the old lawn and start over.  Giroud Arborist and Lawn Care Expert, Rob Nagy shares a video of Todd Brown and Bernie Hartopp doing a complete lawn renovation in Jenkintown.

Lawn renovation includes three steps:

  1. Remove the Old Lawn: Usually, the existing lawn is killed off and tilled.  In this case, Todd is using a Harley Rake to pulverize the old lawn and utilize the existing top soil to create a smooth surface.
  2. Top Dressing: This is where the magic happens.  Giroud adds organic compost to make a fertile bed for healthy lawn growth.
  3. Seeding or Sod: The grass selection needs to match the growing conditions in your yard.  Obviously, sod gives instant results.  Seed must germinate and takes time to come in.  Both require regular watering to take root and grow.   

Some lawns may require other steps including soil amendments to ensure success.  Between now and October is the best time to renovate a problem lawn. Warm soil, moderate daytime temperatures and cooler nights in the Fall provide the best chance for success and a beautiful lawn next spring.

Does your lawn need help?  Your Giroud Lawn Service Professional will be happy to do a free evaluation.  



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