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Staking an uprooted tree

Saving a Fallen Willow Tree with Standing and Staking

April showers bring May flowers, but heavy showers can bring big problems for trees with compromised root systems! That was the case with a beautiful Willow Tree in Richboro, PA when it crashed down a few weeks ago during a windy storm. The homeowners were worried the tree would have to be removed, so they called Giroud Arborist, Drew Slousky for a free evaluation. Thankfully, Drew determined that the tree could be saved and stood up again.

Check out this video showing how Giroud Tree Crew Leader, Leonardo Marquez worked with his team to stand up the Willow Tree:




How to Prevent Disaster

Disasters such as this one can leave homeowners wondering what they could have done to prevent such a big problem on their property.

“Sometimes when Mother Nature calls, there are tragedies that just can’t be prevented,” explains ISA Certified Giroud Arborist, Rob Nagy. “When conditions are the perfect mix of saturated soil with too much wind, trees can just uproot. But there are many things you can do strengthen your trees so they are better prepared for these situations.”

Health and safety checkups give all trees a fighting chance against inclement weather. Here are some ways to ensure your trees and shrubs live long and vibrant lives:


  • Have your trees and shrubs inspected at least annually for signs of stress cracks in the trunk, disease and insect infestation.
  • Put your trees and shrubs on a vitamin plan with Deep Root Fertilizer Feedings to strengthen the root systems. Giroud uses a time-release formula to provide critical nutrients for 12 months.
  • Have your trees pruned regularly to clean out deadwood and also to thin out the crown so heavy wind flows more freely through the crown.
  • Have cable support systems installed in trees that are in danger of splitting.


Know About the “Hidden Dangers”

Even if your trees and shrubs didn’t fall this spring in all the heavy rain and high winds, they still may have been negatively affected.


  • Tree root systems may have been compromised
  • Stress cracks may have formed in the trunks
  • Weak limbs may now be supporting too much weight

Click here to learn about The Hidden Dangers of Weather Damage.


Be Proactive and Schedule a Safety Inspection Today


The only way to know for sure if your trees and shrubs are healthy and safe is to have an ISA Certified Arborist conduct a thorough post-storm inspection. Call today to schedule this FREE appointment with your Giroud Arborist!

Most importantly, when choosing a tree care company, make sure representatives are ISA Certified Arborists. Also, check that the tree service is a TCIA Accredited Company, which will assure you that they strive for the highest standards of safety, legal and ethical practices.


 Get started TODAY!

Give Giroud Tree and Lawn a call at 215-682-7704 to schedule your FREE property inspection. You’ll be giving your trees and shrubs and fighting chance against the next storm, and you can prevent property damage in the long run!


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    Neat video—nice to see a tree get a second chance—tree huggers at work!!!