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Lawn Care Weed Control

Lawn Care Treatments You Need Now for Weed Control

Spring is in the air! The weather is warming up and the days are longer, and this means we’re seeing growth everywhere. Trees are budding and bursting with spring color, flowers are blooming, and grass growing! However, along with all that beautiful growth comes unsightly infestations of Crabgrass and Broad-Leaf Weeds like Dandelions. Read on to learn what treatments your lawn needs now for weed control and how a Giroud Lawn Care Program can allow you to enjoy a vibrant, healthy yard all season long!

Where Weeds Flourish

As the soil temperature warms up in spring, your grass will green up and grow faster. Weeds look for any open space to take root! If your lawn is unhealthy, has thin areas or bare spots, weeds will invade and quickly take over your lawn. The first weeds to pop up are some of the most persistent! Dandelions, crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds are rampant, so it’s important to attack them now before they gain the upper hand over your grass.

What You Can Do Now to Help Your Lawn

Keeping your grass healthy and encouraging new growth are important ways to prevent weeds. If grass is growing strong, weeds have less opportunities to invade. Here are a few ways to help your lawn at this time:

Seed areas that are bare

Seeding promotes grass growth before weeds have a chance to grow in those spots.

Great Lawn Care Starts with a pH Balanced Soil

A simple test can determine if your soil has an optimal pH level. This test is included complimentary with every Giroud Lawn Care Program! Check out Giroud Arborist Rob Nagy’s demonstration of a Soil pH Test here:

Lawn Care Proper Mowing
Our Giroud Lawn customer mows the lawn at 3″. Their lawn is thick and green. The neighbor mows at 1.5″. The difference is dramatic!

Mow your grass 3 to 4 inches high

Higher mowing promotes:

    1. Deeper root development crowding out weeds.
    2. Prevents soil from drying out too quickly and helps maintain moisture.
    3. Shades weed and crabgrass seeds reducing the likelihood of germination.

Start a Lawn Care Program with Giroud!

Our Annual Lawn Program provides the comprehensive care and treatment your lawn needs, especially when it comes to eliminating those pesky weeds! Your Giroud PA Certified Technician monitors your lawn on regular visits. During his visit, he will check lawn health and apply a specially blended fertilizer treatment to keep grass healthy and growing strong. We also include grub and insect control treatments at no additional cost to you because we know that combatting these bugs is essential to giving you a healthy lawn.

spot treat weeds lawn care
Giroud Lawn Care Technician, Bill Krowchena uses hand sprayer for targeted control of clover, dandelions and wild violets.

Call Today to Schedule your FREE Lawn Care Evaluation

Our lawn evaluations are always free.  Your evaluation will be performed by one of our PA Certified Lawn Specialists. It all starts with a lawn inspection.  We’ll analyze the growing environment, current condition and any emerging issues. Then design your Program to provide the care and treatments needed for a healthy, green lawn.

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