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Lawn with Aeration and Seeding

How Aeration & Seeding Help Your Lawn

Aeration and Seeding are absolutely essential if you want a healthy, vibrant green lawn! Fall is the best time for both as your grass gets ready to hunker down for the long, cold winter ahead. Read on to learn how your lawn can benefit from these services.


Aeration Breathes Life into Your Soil

Imagine you’re looking at a plate full of delicious food but you have no way to eat it. That’s what happens to your lawn when it’s trying to grow in compacted soil or heavy thatch. Aeration is a process where we literally poke hundreds to thousands of little holes in your lawn to break up the soil and allows your lawn to breathe and grow. Aeration:

  1. Breaks up thatch
  2. Opens access to air, water and nutrients
  3. Promotes deeper root growth
  4. Makes turf more tolerant of heat and drought
  5. Provides an excellent base for seeding

Want to learn more about aeration, check out LoveYourLandscape.org for an article explaining aeration and how it helps your lawn.

Seeding Replenishes and Renews Your Lawn

Bare, thin and shaded areas need seeding. Also, lawns with disease or drought issues can be improved by over-seeding with newer, more disease and drought resistant grass varieties.

Giroud’s Seeding Treatment uses a blend of 3 types of grass seed that are most ideal for our climate and soil quality.

  1. Kentucky Blue Grass
  2. Rye Grass
  3. Turf type tall fescue

The Kentucky Blue Grass and the Rye Grass seeds are both cool weather grasses that thrive in Pennsylvania. As these two grasses go dormant in the heat of the summer, they will begin to yellow. That’s why we also use the tall fescue grass seed, which sun tolerant and heat resistant. The fescue greens up your lawn during the hottest months. Since it does great in the heat, it works to crowd out pesky weeds and weedy grasses that try to take over your lawn.

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Fall is Ideal for Aeration and Seeding

While figuring out the best actions to take will depend on the condition of the lawn, now through late fall, depending on the weather, is the best time to fix lawn problems. Moderate daytime temperatures and cooler nights in the Fall give homeowners the best chance for success and a beautiful lawn next spring!

“Seeding in the Fall promotes strong root growth, better seed germination and less competition from weeds and crabgrass,” explains Giroud Lawn Care Manager, Jason Lines. “Seeding and aeration are the single most beneficial things you can do to get great results from your lawn care program year after year.”

See what else Jason has to say in Giroud’s Aeration & Seeding Video:

Now is the Time to Schedule

When it comes to seeding and aeration, time is of the essence! Depending on the weather, these can be performed September-November, so you’ll want to get on the schedule right away. Your Giroud Lawn Service Professional will be happy to do a FREE Evaluation! Call 215-682-7704 for your full inspection Today!

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