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Homeowner Gets Jump on Summer To Sit Safely by the Pool Thanks to Giroud

A large branch hanging over this homeowner’s pool presents a falling hazard, and must be removed.

Change is coming.  It won’t be long before we’re relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun.  To get a jump on summer, a homeowner contacted ISA Certified Arborist, Robert Poley, about a massive tree limb looming over his pool.  He was concerned about safety and worried that limb would snap off and damage the pool or, worse yet, hurt his family or guests.

After a safety inspection, Robert did in fact determine that the limb was a hazard.  Removing this limb before the next storm strikes was key.  We all know storms can hit with amazing force; stressing trees and branches until they break or topple.  The result is billions of dollars in property damage each and every year nationwide.

To prevent damage, the best quick fix is pruning your trees to remove hazards.  Tree Pruning does a lot for your tree including:

  1. Removing deadwood. Deadwood is exactly what the name implies: branches that have died but are still attached to the tree. Eventually, these branches WILL break. So, taking them down before they snap keeps you safe!
  2. Protecting healthy, live branches. Those big branches weigh a ton (sometimes literally!) and live branches are even heavier than deadwood. With poor weather conditions, these branches have an increased chance of breaking and causing an immense amount of damage.
  3. Preventing damage to your property! Any time a branch falls, it poses a serious risk to damage your property, or even you or your guests. By taking extra precautions by removing potential hazards where you know you or any loved ones usually hang out on the property can eliminate any accidental injury.

Set up a time to meet with your Giroud Arborist today.  Our Arborists have made it their life’s work to know trees, identify problems and find solutions.   When he visits, you can learn how your trees are doing and also how to take care of any potential dangers.   Give Giroud a call today!

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