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Giroud Team Puts Safety First in Most Unusual Tree Removal

NorthEast-Philly-Tree-Removal.jpgA large tree growing from the center of a backyard deck has created a serious problem for a homeowner in Northeast Philadelphia. The tree has grown too big for the available space.  Buckled deck boards strangle the tree and cut into its trunk.   With its circulation weakened, the tree’s health has declined and large branches have been dropping over the last few seasons.  A once aesthetically beautiful focal point has become a safety hazard and must be removed.

A tree removal of this magnitude takes precision, planning, and a laser focus on safety. Giroud Tree and Lawn Certified Arborist, Rob Nagy, works with Crew Leader, Doug Muth to determine the safest way to efficiently remove the tree. Watch the amazing job execution here:

Every step of this process is thoughtfully considered. Doug Muth carefully secures the large branch to the crane straps before making his first cut. The ground crew guides the branch around the wires above. Peco has been called in to shut off the electricity to the wires around the project site. The crane has been precisely leveled to prevent damage to the homeowner’s lawn. Most importantly, every member of the crew is in constant communication with one another throughout the day to ensure a safe and successful removal.

2018-Safety-Committee.jpgGiroud Tree and Lawn makes safety a top priority- always.

Doing a complex job like this one safely doesn’t just happen.  To build a strong culture of safety throughout the company, Giroud launched its Safety Committee in 2012.  One of only a few PA Certified Safety Committees, Giroud’s Committee has passed and continues to meet Pennsylvania’s strict requirements to keep our employees safe and injury free.

Representing every area that impacts the safety of our crews and your property, the 2018 Committee members are: Bernadette Nolen (Vice President of Operations), Matt Giroud (Director of Field Operations), Doug Muth (Tree Care Manager and Crew Leader), Jack Morvin (Tree Climber) and Erik Rodgers (ISA Certified Arborist).

Last week, the Giroud Safety Committee held their annual review and planning meeting.  During this all-day work session, the team reflected on past successes and challenges.

“We’re looking under every rock,” explains Bernadette Nolen, Safety Committee Chairperson. “Our motto is to take care of the ‘little things before they become ‘big things.’ We use incidents and feedback from our guys in the field to take a proactive approach and avoid mishaps.”

Open Communication Keeps Team Members Safe

That proactive approach is key. The Committee actively works to ensure everyone feels comfortable reporting all incidents. This past year, Jack Morvin was appointed Peer Correspondent to act as liaison between the field crew and in-house office.

Giroud-Safety-Committee.jpgFrequent Training and Education

The Committee launched several initiatives to improve training and education on how to operate safely.  Along with the annual Winter Training Day, a Summer Training Day was added to the schedule. A new Mentorship Program Model was launched for better skills training and efficiency in the field. Weekly Tailgate Tuesday sessions offer a unique opportunity for the entire crew and arborists to discuss hot topics and challenges.

Attitude is an essential piece to the program

Tree care can be hard work.  Our crews often deal with challenging jobs that other companies are unable to do.  That’s when you’ll see our focus on safety in action.  Crew members are in constant communication; working together to keep each other and your property safe even in the toughest situations.

When you buy from a company that invests in its employees, you’ll love doing business with Giroud… Guaranteed!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that has been accomplished in the 6 years since the Giroud Safety Committee was formed, and they don’t plan on stopping there! This year’s focus is on Leadership & Skills Development. Goals have been set to empower all crew leaders with the communication skills they need to continue building a community atmosphere. They are also working with each employee to set individual goals and make certification programs available to match these goals. It’s going to be an exciting year for the Giroud Team!

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