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Giroud Shatters a Record!

Snow and ice can weigh down weak or dead branches, creating a falling hazard.

Over the past few weeks, Giroud Tree and Lawn teamed up once again with Philabundance to take part in their annual food drive. Since the start of the food drive, Giroud Tree and Lawn employees and our customers alike have generously donated boxes full of canned goods and other essential non-perishable food items to give out to families and others in need of a filling meal for the holidays. Well, we’re proud to announce that we have absolutely shattered last year’s record of 368 pounds of food donated, by collecting a whopping 498 pounds!

Philabundance is a great organization with over 32 years of feeding and caring for families in need around the Philadelphia area, including the surrounding counties in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey throughout the year. On their site they point out that over 750,000 people in this area face hunger every day, which is a shocking number to say the least. In working with local businesses, including Giroud Tree and Lawn, Philabundance is able to feed approximately 90,000 people per week throughout the year, 30% of which are children!

What makes us proud is how we were able to orchestrate such a successful drive again this year. Giroud Tree and Lawn stays committed to helping our community through our many philanthropy efforts, and this food drive is one of our favorite events. It’s such a good cause and helps so many people in our area that are in need. It fills our hearts knowing we can make a difference in people’s lives outside of all the tree and lawn work we provide. We will stay committed to this great cause and aim to shatter this newly set record again next year.

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