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Giroud Rebuilds Drought Stressed Lawn

Scorching heat and drought conditions through the summer months and into the fall have left many PA lawns in dry, brittle conditions. As grass turned brown and thinned, patches of bare dirt became the perfect breeding ground for opportunistic weeds and crabgrass to invade and take over many lawns. However, some lawns seem to fair better than others. Read on to learn why!

Droughts are an unfortunate occurrence in our area, and they are becoming more common. But, just because it’s dry, it doesn’t mean your lawn has to suffer. There’s a lot you can do to give your lawn a fighting chance when the rain dries up.

Why Some Lawns Fair Better in a Drought

Jason Lines, Giroud Lawncare Manager, breaks down all the reasons why lawns react differently in a drought:

  1. South facing lawns tend to feel the brunt of the summer heat and light. “Oftentimes, lawns on one side of a street will be dry and brittle, but the lawns right across the street will look a lot greener! A south-facing lawn is under attack from the sun for much longer periods of the day, and they suffer from higher levels of heat stress.”
  2. “Aerating every year is important!” explains Jason. “Too much thatch means water just can’t get down to the roots. Aerating breaks up that compacted soil and allows water to flow down.”
  3. “How you water matters as well,” he says. “Water only in the early morning. Water deeply for about 20 minutes every other day. If you let your soil dry out, it can become “hydrophobic”, which means the water will just roll off the soil and never reach the roots.”
  4. Don’t overwater either. Jason explains that you can inadvertently train your grass to become used to thriving on a large amount of water. Then, when a drought hits, your grass goes into shock.”


To learn more about the importance of Aeration and Seeding, Read: Building a Better Lawn with Aeration and Seeding!

Now is the Time to Schedule Aeration and Seeding

When it comes to seeding and aeration, time is of the essence! Depending on the weather, these can be performed September-November, so you’ll want to get on the schedule right away. Your Giroud Lawn Service Professional will be happy to do a FREE Evaluation! Call 215-682-7704 for your full inspection Today!

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