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Giroud Field Team Dives into Safety at Annual Winter Training Day

The Giroud Crew Recieves CPR Training.

We can’t be the best tree and lawn service in the region without the proper training, right? That’s why we brought together our entire Field Team of plant healthcare specialists, tree climbers, groundsmen, and lawn care technicians to receive/renew their CPR certification and learn and review safety practices essential to each specialty at our Annual Winter Safety Training Day.

This training is a huge deal for us, and something we always take very seriously. Without it, our guys, who may find themselves in difficult work environments, wouldn’t be able to help one of their team members should they ever need it.

The morning started at 7:30 sharp with a trip to the Willow Grove Fire Department for CPR training. Using a practice dummy, a trained professional showed the proper way to deliver CPR to someone in distress. After his lecture and demonstration, our team took turns practicing this lifesaving technique on the CPR dummy and receiving further instruction or guided adjustments to ensure they were doing it right. After an intensive three hours of training, it was time for each specialty to take a deep dive into the safety practices critical to their particular area of expertise.

For our Tree Service Team, the focus turned to EHAP (Electrical Safety Hazard Prevention Program) Certification, awarded by the Tree Care Industry Association and praised by OSHA. It may not be immediately evident, but working in this industry often requires our crew to work around electrical wires. Awareness and proper set-up are critical. The team tackled the topic to learn more about, and share stories of, dealing with potential electrical hazards, and how to maintain a safe distance from any wires that may be present at the job site. Besides refreshing our team’s memories on what to look for before starting a job, EHAP training also reinforces what steps to take in order to avoid those potential dangers.

Simultaneously, our team of expert lawn care technicians reviewed the best practices for handling the materials we use including fertilizers and our new 100% organic mosquito control treatment. Additionally, the team got a refresher on properly calibrating their equipment and calculating ratios of material used to keep your landscape looking great!

We’re proud to say that all of our team members completed their training with flying colors. Safety starts with detailing the day’s jobs, making each crew aware of any hazards, giving them the equipment they need, and more. But when they’re on the job, our team members have to be on their toes at all times making sure the job is managed right while also looking out for clear as well as any potential hidden dangers. Our Winter Safety Training Day is just one of the steps to making sure everyone stays safe.


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