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Giroud Donation Makes Walkway Safer at YMCA!

Giroud treework for charity donates removal of large oak for Bucks County YMCA Morrisville

The YMCA of Bucks County, Morrisville Branch is safer thanks to a $4,300 grant for hazardous tree removal from Giroud Tree and Lawn!  In Giroud’s video of this tricky removal, watch Dan Rombold and his crew (Matt Mitchell and Rick Ritter) expertly remove the hazardous oak growing in a tight spot!


Giroud Treework for Charity, one of our company’s philanthropy initiatives, is important to the entire Giroud organization.  Over $100,000 in total tree work has been donated over the years!  This time, our grant focused on the Morrisville YMCA’s most urgent tree service need, which was the removal of a large Oak tree.

“We decided to focus our donation on the tree that posed the greatest danger to the property,” explains Erik Rodgers, ISA Certified Giroud Arborist. “The Oak tree located at the front of the building was growing too close to the walkway going into the building. The roots were causing the walkway to buckle, and I was concerned because that is a potential tripping hazard. Unfortunately, the best course of action was to remove the tree.” 
Check out Youtube Giroud’s video about the project here:

Using a crane, Crew Leader Dan Rombold along with Matt Mitchell and Rick Ritter expertly removed the Oak piece by piece. Through headsets, Rombold stayed in constant communication with his ground crew and the crane operator at all times. This ensured that the job was done safely, and the YMCA could still conduct their Preschool class inside while the job was going on.
The children, ages 3-5 years old, all took a nature walk with their teachers that led them to the steps of a building across the street so they could check out the crew in action. They all clapped and cheered as the crane carried away a large piece of the trunk that had just been sawed off by tree climber, Matt Mitchell. Some were sad to see the large oak gone, but the teachers assured them that removing the tree keeps everyone coming in and out of the building safe.
Giroud Treework for Charity” was established in 1997 to help local non-profit organizations preserve their irreplaceable trees and ensure safety.  Giroud welcomes applications from any 501(c)3 organization that is open to the entire community on a nonsectarian basis. An organization must be located within Giroud’s service area. For more information on “Giroud Treework for Charity,” contact Giroud Tree and Lawn at 215-682-7704.
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