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Giroud Donates $1,000 to Abington YMCA To Make Trees Safer

The Abington YMCA’s parking area and neighboring homes are now safer thanks to a $1,000 grant for hazardous tree removal from Giroud Tree and Lawn.  The tree service grant is discussed in a YouTube Video.  The video also shows the Giroud tree removal crew setting up to safely take down the tree.  

The $1,000 grant from Giroud Tree and Lawn focuses on the Abington YMCA’s most urgent tree service need.  According to Rob Nagy, Giroud Arborist and ISA Certified Arborist, “Safety was the top priority for Giroud’s grant.  A hazardous Locust tree, located on a sharp slope along the border of the YMCA parking area, had a shallow root system that was at high risk for toppling.
Tree removal
was required to protect the safety of neighboring homes and the YMCA members using the parking area.

Missy Dimassa of Abington YMCA and Rob Nagy, ISA Certified Arborist at Giroud Tree and Lawn
Missy Di Massa, Abington YMCA Associate Executive Director and Rob Nagy, Giroud Arborist Representative, getting ready to meet the Giroud tree crew doing the hazardous tree removal.

“The well-being of our members, staff and neighbors is a priority for us,” says Missy Di Massa, Associate Executive Director,

Abington YMCA
. “Giroud’s donation helps to ensure that people who utilize and live near our facility can continue to do so knowing that they are in a safe and secure environment.”
Giroud Tree and Lawn’s donation is part of the “Giroud Treework for Charity” program which donates free tree care services to parks, historical sites and other non-profit organizations located in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.  “Giroud Treework for Charity” was established in 1997 to help local non-profit organizations preserve their irreplaceable trees and ensure safety. It has already provided over $65,000 in free tree care to numerous area organizations. Giroud welcomes applications from any 501(c)3 organization that is open to the entire community on a nonsectarian basis. An organization must be located within Giroud’s service area. For more information on “Giroud Treework for Charity,” contact Giroud Tree and Lawn at 215-682-7704.
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