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Giroud Completes First Climbing School

Wes Abler demonstrates how to climb a tree using a cross between a single rope and double rope system.

At Giroud Tree and Lawn, we have a staff full of incredibly skilled people, who climb our customer’s trees every day to remove deadwood, cable branches, or do full tree removals among a list of other challenging tasks. Being new to our company, I’m always amazed at how our tree climbers fly through the trees and accomplish seemingly impossible feats. 

It takes more than just an adventurous spirit to climb trees, you really need to learn the job from the ground up.  Luckily, Giroud Tree and Lawn has unlocked the secret by doing something that no other company in the area does – we just graduated our first class of two brand new Tree Climbers from the Giroud Climbing School! And I got it all on video.

Tree Care Manager Doug Muth sets up a series of ropes for our students to practice tying a variety of knots.

The students in first Class were Wes Abler of Ambler, Pennsylvania, and Kory Gripman of Philadelphia. While Wes came to us with an extensive background as a rock climbing instructor, Kory had no formal climbing experience of any sort.  Instructing them under extremely close supervision was Doug Muth, Giroud Tree and Lawn’s Tree Care Manager, and climber extraordinaire. Throughout the 5 day Class, they went over a slew of technical and practical information to make sure each climber learned how to use their equipment properly, climb trees safely, and maneuver around the tree by setting safety ropes.  At the end of 5 days, both students passed with flying colors, becoming our inaugural climbing school alumni, and quickly earning a spot in the Giroud family as our newest professional tree climbers!

Both students proved to be stellar pupils, applying everything they were taught with extreme accuracy almost immediately, making this course a great success. As such, we plan to offer the Climbing School again in August.  Class size is limited to 5 people.  Anyone interested in learning how to climb trees professionally can give us a call.   We’ll put you on a list.   In the meantime, check out the compilation video of Wes and Kory’s classes to get an inside look at all the action!

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