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Giroud and Philabundance Team Up!

Philabundance Top 10 List of Most Needed Food Donations

Giroud is teaming up with Philabundance to collect food for needy families!
All year long, Philabundance partners with local businesses and agencies to collect food and non-perishables to help drive hunger from our local communities. Since 2014, they’ve distributed over 30 million pounds of food to those in need, and continue to raise that number by the day. With the holidays upon us, we here at Giroud like to do our part by giving to those in need. From our front office staff putting out the word of this incredible organization, to our Arborists picking up donations, we’re extremely proud to be part of their efforts and strive to work hard to support them.
There’s still time left to donate! Anyone looking to donate to Philabundance can stop by the Giroud offices, or have your Giroud Arborist pick up your donation when you schedule a free consultation. If you would like to learn more about Philabundance and what you can do to help drive hunger out of your community, visit their website at www.philabundance.org.

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