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Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Nature

Kids who love nature will enjoy these gift ideas this holiday season!

Nature kit for kids

Peakquest Explorer Activity Kit for Kids

This is an awesome game for the whole family to get outside and explore nature together! It’s a scavenger hunt that will have your kids hunting for all sorts of cool things and learning about the world around them!

Window Bird FeederWindow Bird Feeder with Suction Cups

This bird feeder has super strong suction cups, so you can mount it directly to the outside of a window. Kids really get a kick out of watching birds pop in for a snack all year long! What a great way to get up-close views of birds and learn all about them!

Light-up Terrarium kit for kidssLight-Up Terrarium

If your kid loves nature, you can bet they need something to keep them occupied during the long winter ahead. This terrarium is perfect! It’s small enough to keep on a desk or bedside table, and it makes a lovely night-light as well. Kids will take pride in caring for their tiny ecosystem it thrives and grows!

Exploring nature for kidsExploring Nature Activity Book for Kids

This fun book is filled with hands-on, educational outdoor activities that kids will love to learn from, like crafting bird feeders out of fruit, pressing flowers, or creating sundials. They’ll look forward to waking up every day to explore the world outside!

Gifts for Tree and Garden Enthusiast The Giving Tree.jpg

The Giving Tree

Finally, we have to mention this timeless classic book by Shel Silversteen. “The Giving Tree” is a great gift for all ages. It tells the story of a tree who gives everything to the little boy she loves. It is a reminder of how important the trees are to us and how we should care for them with gratitude and love.

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