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Family Selecting the Best Christmas Tree

Do It Yourself: Plant Your Holiday Tree

Planting trees is one of the best ways to help our environment and beautify your property. If you are planning to buy a live tree for the Holidays consider getting a tree that you can plant in your yard in January.

Here are the most important steps to to ensure your tree is beautiful in your home and yard.

  1. Select a healthy tree wrapped in burlap that thrives in our region such as: Concolor Fir, White Spruce, Douglas Fir or Colorado Blue Spruce.
  2. Dig the hole now since the ground might be frozen after the Holidays. Be sure you don’t make the hole too deep! When planted, the top of the root ball should be one or two inches above ground level. Cover the hole with hay or mulch. Put the loose soil in a wheelbarrow or trash can and leave it in the garage. You’ll need loose soil to back fill the hole.
  3. Store the tree in a cool, enclosed location. Keep the root ball moist, not wet, and well-mulched to prevent freezing. Spray the tree with an antidessicant or antiwilt product to minimize needle and moisture loss.
  4. No earlier than 5-7 days before Christmas, bring in the tree and place it in the coolest part of the room—away from heating ducts. Don’t spray it with fake snow; use cool-temp lights and lightweight decorations.
  5. Water your tree to keep the roots moist. Then wait to water again until the water is almost gone.
  6. Leave inside no longer than 7-10 days. Do not move he tree directly from a warm house to freezing temperatures. Instead, move it to a sheltered area first for four days to allow it to adjust to colder temperatures.
  7. Before planting, remove plastic string or wrap from the root ball or trunk of the tree. Wire or burlap may be left around the roots.
  8. Place the tree in the hole and tightly pack soil around the root ball. Spread two inches of mulch around the the base of the tree.
  9. Do not fertilize the tree now. Wait until spring. If you have compost available, mix it into the loose soil while planting.
  10. Stake the tree to prevent wind tipping or damage during the first growing season.

For more information, go to the National Christmas Tree Association

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