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Giroud Tree Climber lifted by crane into ash tree

Giroud Removes Dangerous, Dead Ash Tree

Dead Ash Trees are a common sight around Pennsylvania, thanks to the destructive Emerald Ash Borer. This invasive beetle entered our country over a decade ago, and unfortunately, they have destroyed most of the Ash Trees in North America. If you have an Ash Tree on your property, it’s vital that you have it inspected for the insect. If your tree is dying or already dead, keeping it there is not safe! Read on to learn why a dead ash tree is so dangerous.

Removing Dangerous Ash Trees

On a chilly February day, the Giroud Crew made their way onto a snow-covered property to remove 2 dead Ash Trees. Tree Climber, Rick Ritter, needed to have a crane lift him into the trees because dead ash trees are not safe to climb! That’s because these trees have tight veins, and as the Emerald Ash Borer larvae chew their way through the tree, water circulation is cut off. This makes the Ash Tree incredibly brittle, and even the lightest touch could crack branches and send them tumbling down to the ground.

Thankfully, Rick is highly trained to navigate this particularly tricky type of tree removal. With the help of the crane and the guys on his crew, he successfully and safely removed the trees. This home and property are now safe, but that’s not the case for those homeowners who ignore dead Ash Trees.

Tree Climber lifted into ash tree

How to Know if Your Ash Tree is Dying

The best time for homeowners to self-evaluate their Ash Trees is late spring/early summer. If the top of the crown is not leafing out, your tree is probably infested with Emerald Ash Borer. Giroud’s ISA Certified Arborists know the signs of dangers in all seasons, so it’s best to have your Ash Trees inspected by a professional.

Treatment vs. Removal

If the Ash tree is still healthy enough to absorb treatment, a systemic trunk injection of Tree-ageĀ® every two years protects Ash from Emerald Ash Borers. Many homeowners have seen success with these treatments, but it’s important to have them done every two years.

LearnĀ Why Emerald Ash Borer Injections are Time Sensitive

If your Ash Tree is dead or has become unsafe, the only option is to have it removed in order to prevent property damage and other dangers to your loved ones… A dead Ash Tree is no joke!

How to know if your ash tree is infested with Emerald Ash Borer

Call Giroud today to schedule a FREE inspection with your ISA Certified Giroud Arborist. Don’t ignore the dangers of a dead Ash Tree!


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