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Boxwood Leafminer Dangers

2018-Boxwood-Leaf-Miner-Damage-HeaderBoxwood Owners Beware! Your beautiful Boxwoods are a prime target for Boxwood Leafminer, and there’s been a population explosion of these insects which will eat and destroy your shrubs! Know the signs and when to treat your Boxwoods before it’s too late.

According to Penn State, these tiny squiggly pests can inflict serious damage on Boxwoods. Leafminers emerge from the shelter of Boxwood leaves in Spring to mate and lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the young larvae begin feeding on the leaves.


 Here’s how you can spot an infestation early so you can eliminate the problem before it reaches critical mass:

  • Yellow-Brown Spots: Adult Leafminers will inject their eggs to the center of a leaf, leaving a tiny discoloration at the injection site.
  • Blisters: Light colored blisters will form, especially on the underside of the foliage as the larva continue to eat leaf tissue.
  • Orange Spots on your Plant’s Leaves: This is a very clear sign of infestation. As the larva grow, they become more orange in color, making them more noticeable.
  • Defoliation: If you do not treat infested Boxwood, the damage will amplify and lead to the defoliation of your shrub.

Although spring has just started, Rob Nagy, an ISA Certified Arborist at Giroud Tree and Lawn, has already encountered Boxwood Leafminers. This means, these destructive insects are already active and will soon be laying even more eggs.


To avoid falling victim to these destructive insects, follow these tips:

  • Call Giroud Tree and Lawn. Not only will they identify Boxwood Leafminers, but they are highly trained in identifying and eliminating a large variety of other invasive insects.
  • As a preventative measure, change up your landscape this Spring and choose more resistant Boxwood varieties such as the English Boxwood.
  • Practice proper pruning! It’s best to prune Boxwoods in early spring before new growth begins. As an added bonus, pruning removes infested leafs, decreasing the presence of Leafminers!
  • Eliminate the infestation. Timing is crucial on when and how to treat for Leafminers. Our PA Certified Plant Health Care Applicators are trained in how and when to apply the right dose of pesticides to eliminate Boxwood Leafminers.

Take Action Now

Whether it’s the Boxwood Leafminer or any other invasive insect, spotting the warning signs of infestation is critical in maintaining proper plant health care.

Give Giroud Tree and Lawn a call today to have a Certified Representative come out to your home to inspect your shrubs. Inspections are always FREE!




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