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World’s Worst Weed Is Coming

Nutsedge Control

You know it’s bad when a weed gets named as one of the World’s Worst. Cyperus rotundus is more commonly known as the dreaded Nutsedge.

A sedge, not technically a weed, Nutsedge is amazing and cursed for its ability to invade lawns and rapidly spread. Nutsedge exploded in our region last summer. The best time to catch Nutsedge is when it’s young and before it spreads.

We now offer a special Nutsedge Control Program of precisely timed treatments. You can find out more how to stop this crazy weed at our new Nutsedge Control page.

Spreading runners and seeds all season long, Nutsedge can easily overtake thin lawns and bare areas. And, as if that weren’t enough, the nutlet at the base of the plant can stay in the soil and propagate for as long as 10 years.

Nutsedge is an unbelievable survivor and very hard to control. Here are the best strategies for control:

  1. Manual removal: If you have a minimal infestation, you can hand pull out the plants. However, it’s important to dig deep to get the entire plant including tubers, nutlets and roots (rhizomes).  These are the key to Nutsedge spreading to other parts of your lawn.
  2. Mow high: Never cut your lawn lower than 3″.   By cutting your lawn a little longer, you’ll be able to cut off the long blades and prevent development of seedheads.  Additionally, the higher grass won’t give Nutsedge the sunlight that it needs to grow.
  3. Catch Nutsedge When It’s Young: Nutsedge is amazing in its ability to reproduce from nutlets, roots (rhizomes) and tubers underground to seedheads and runners above. Whether hand pulling or using a herbicide treatment, Nutsedge is most vulnerable when it first pops up in late Spring or early summer.
  4. Herbicide Treatment: Because Nutsedge is such a resilient plant and can stay in the soil for so many years, it may take a series of properly timed treatments over several seasons to eliminate it. Giroud’s PA Certified Applicators use professional strength herbicides and apply them at the best time to kill off the entire plant. Herbicides should never be used in the heat of summer or during periods of drought.  It can result in killing off good grass along with the nutsedge.
  5. Dealing with a Massive Nutsedge Outbreak: If your lawn is covered in Nutsedge, the only solution may be a total lawn replacement in the Fall. Giroud will remove the existing lawn, prepare the soil, and lay down a new lawn with seed or sod.  This will lessen the severity of the infestation but it will still be important to manage any new seedlings that pop up

The first step to controlling Nutsedge is to have your lawn evaluated by your Giroud Lawn Care professional. We will be happy to evaluate your Nutsedge problem and prescribe the best treatment options.

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