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Deer Hiding in Garden

Tree Tales: No Deer Around Here!

A customer was concerned about insects or disease on her arborvitae hedge. I inspected her tree and it took me no more than 2 seconds to see that the local deer herd from the nearby woodlots were having a buffet on her plants.
After explaining the problem to her, she told me that: “There are no deer around here. I’ve never seen one.”
We continued walking around the back of the house and both burst out laughing. An adult female
deer was standing behind her Arborvitae just looking at us with her 2 yearlings. I guess they were having a late breakfast??? Posted by: Rob Nagy, ISA Certified Arborist serving:
Abington, Rydal, Meadowbrook, Elkins Park , Cheltenham , and Wyncote, PA
(pictured above)
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