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Tree Slams into Car during Fierce Windstorm

High speed winds topples huge tree onto homeowner’s vehicle and home.

It’s astonishing how much damage wind can do.  Following last week’s fierce windstorm, ISA Certified Arborist, Drew Slousky, was called for an emergency.  Winds ripped a large Fir tree right out of the ground and sent it crashing across a driveway to crush our customer’s vehicle, hit the house and trap the homeowner’s remaining car in the garage.  

This tree was healthy with a good strong root system!  Why did it topple?

While every tree is different, wind resistance often a major factor.  Evergreens (Conifers), like Spruce, Pines and Firs, are at especially high risk for damage in the winter.  With needles or leaves still attached to their branches, Evergreens are denser and make it difficult for the wind to blow easily through the tree.  When wind speeds ratchet up, Evergreens can catch the gusts like a sailboat, increasing their chances of breaking, cracking, or being blown completely over

You can help prevent wind damage by taking one simple step.  Prune your trees!  Pruning removes dead or weak branches and reduces wind resistance. 

Get the pruning your trees need now and save yourself a lot of money in potential property damage as well as a cleanup bill for the fallen branches or trees. And if you do experience any severe wind damage, give Giroud Tree and Lawn a call, and we’ll be there to clean up the mess.

Author: Cindy Giroud

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