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This New Year, Resolve to Take the Weight Off… of Your Trees!

Trees can be overweight too! There are several reasons to prune your trees, and winter is a great time to clean things up on your property! Once winter storms hit, heavy branches can bend and snap under the extra weight of snow and ice. The experts at giroud explain why this new year you should resolve to take the weight off of your trees!

Heavy deadwood can snap unexpectedly!

Heavy weight deadwood branches can lead to serious damage, especially during windy or icy storms. The crown of the tree should be pruned to reduce wind resistance. Now is a great time to identify and remove diseased limbs, taking that extra weight off. Your ISA Certified Arborist can establish a healthy growth pattern by promoting a dominant leader and selectively removing crossed branches.

Watch climbers Jim Fairfield, Raffy Diaz and crew leader Billy Santry of Giroud Tree & Lawn take on a massive project removing deadwood from a giant Oak Tree!

Prevent easy access for unwanted critters

Overgrown branches can act as bridges for squirrels and other creatures right onto your roof and into your attic! Trimming branches back from your home will help you avoid uninvited guests and the damage they can cause to your house.

Take the weight off and Improve your lawn!

Improve your landscape views by elevating and shaping trees around pools, patios, drives, walkways and gardens. Pruning your trees now will allow more daylight to reach under story plants and help kick start lush lawn growth in the spring! 

It all starts with an inspection!

Resolve to help your tree lose the weight! Ask your Giroud Arborist to evaluate the condition of your trees. He may prescribe a weight loss program of professional pruning to help your trees look their best and keep you safe.


Author: Jeanne Hafner

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