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Safety Meeting Gets to the Heart of the Matter

We had a Tree Care Safety Meeting today on resisting communication; specifically around safe working practices near electrical hazards.

Will Cowley, Giroud Crew Leader, stated:

%name Safety Meeting Gets to the Heart of the Matter
Will Cowley

/”I do not like to deliver unwanted news, but when I have to make that call to tell the rep it’s not safe to do this job it’s important for him to acknowledge the concern and be part of the decision to move on to the next job or come out and discuss it face to face on-site and work on a new game plan together as opposed to saying just do the best you can./”

I love that there is a level of trust in our company where employees can express concerns openly and get a good dialogue going to solve issues rather than being afraid to speak up for fear of retribution. This is the stuff that gets to the heart of a great safety culture. Great job guys!

Author: Cindy Giroud

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