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Hungry Deer Damage Row of Arborvitae

Protect Small Trees from Deer Damage

Small trees are a favorite target for deer, and between August and February are when these trees are under the biggest threat! Read on to find out why deer damage is most frequent at this time of year. Plus, learn what you can do to protect your young tree!

Why deer are causing trouble for small trees now

August through February is when male deer are trying to attract a mate. They rub the velvet off their new antlers on tree trunks. This act also releases a scent that attracts females.

Trees Most At Risk

Young trees that are still establishing healthy root systems are under the most threat from deer damage. Deer will leave their scent on trees of all sizes. However, small trees with trunks that are up to 6″ in diameter often sustain the worse damage from male deer rubbing their antlers on the trunks.

How to Protect Young Trees from Deer Damage

You can protect your trees by installing plastic or wire fencing around the trunks of your small trees. Fencing is available at your local hardware store. Or, ask your Giroud Arborist and we will be happy to install it for you.

Check out this video from ISA Certified Arborist, Mike Chenail. He shows us a young red maple damaged by deer and how he installed wire fencing around the trunk to protect it.

Update on this tree:

It has been a year since we filmed this video, and we are happy to report that the young red maple is thriving thanks to Mike’s care!
“It’s callousing over nicely,” explains Mike. “In a few years, this young tree will have completely contained the wound. It may e unable to replace lost tissue like you and I, but it can build strong walls separating the wound from new, strong wood.”

Deer Proofing with Giroud

If deer are frequent visitors to your yard, Giroud offers Deer Repellant services as well. Deterring them from your property will keep your young trees safe from damage. Plus, since deer often carry ticks, you will be protecting your yard and loves ones from the diseases these biting insects carry!

For more information about Deer Proofing, click here to learn about Giroud’s services.

Don’t let deer destroy your young trees! Call 215-682-7704 to schedule your FREE property evaluation today!

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