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Prep Now for Snow Storm!

Heavy snow can easily weigh down branches, increasing their chances of breaking off.

Heavy, Wet Snow… High Winds!

Winter Storm Stella is a dangerous combination that could spell disaster for trees.  

We urge you to take the following actions today to keep safe during the storm:

  1. Park cars in an open area away from large trees. 
  2. Once the trees become weighed down with snow:
    – Avoid walking under large trees.
    – Do not sleep in a bedroom where a large tree is overhanging the roof.
  3. Gently brush snow off prized, small trees to prevent breakage.
  4. Stay away from downed trees and limbs which may be tangled in live electrical wires.

Our Team is on stand-by and ready to help in extreme emergencies.  We will be open as soon as it is safe to be on the roads.  


  1. Get Your Trees Inspected for Safety!Heavy snow will put an extreme load on trees.   Have your Giroud Arborist check for safety hazards like cracked limbs, split trunks, weakened root systems. 
  2. Prevent  Future Damage: When a storm strikes especially with high winds, almost all trees are vulnerable.  For safety, remove or cable weak limbs and thin crowns to improve air flow. 

Stay Safe!

Author: Cindy Giroud

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