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Planning New Construction? Protect Your Trees!

house at dusk tree plantingIf you are planning any kind of construction on your property, you need an Arborist Before Construction! Prized trees often decline and die within a few years after construction. Why? Soil compaction from heavy equipment; root damage from utility installation; and, changing the original grade are just some of the many abuses trees face during construction. (pictured right: Bark stripped from tree roots during construction has caused root damage and hazardous conditions)

You can avoid these problems by asking your Giroud Arborist to develop a plan to protect your favorite trees. He will:

  • Evaluate the construction site.
  • Determine trees most likely to be impacted.
  • Recommend actions that may include simple protection measures, regrading, drainage systems and possibly tree removals.

For more information on protecting trees during construction go to our seasonal tree service page



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