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Natural Remedies for Bug Bites

Mosquito-Stop-the-BiteYou can’t live in a bubble all summer.  So, even if you’ve done all the right things from yard protection to personal repellents, you may still get bitten by mosquitoes or ticks.    

Here are natural remedies from Women’s Health magazine that can help treat the bite and reduce the itch.

  1. Essential Oils: Tea Tree Oil (also anti bacterial), Lavender and Coconut Oil can alleviate itching. 
  2. Honey: Is an anti-inflammatory
  3. Lemon or Lime Juice:  Provides itch relief and is anti-bacterial.  If used, stay of the sun to prevent a burn.
  4. Toothpaste: Provides a cooling sensation and relieves the urge to itch.
  5. Vinegar: Use white or apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball or add to a bath.

One other tip that very important is about Ticks.  Check daily for ticks and remove as soon as possible.  Don’t try folklore remedies here!  Use the directions provided by the CDC which include warnings against using things like vaseline and nail polish.  

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