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High Winds Topple Huge Maple

Giant Maple Topples in High Winds.

With winter comes the miserable harsh weather that makes us all stir crazy.  But when we think of this annual arctic blast, we typically don’t put much thought into the big impact of wind.  We usually just think “boy, the wind makes it seem so much colder outside.” Amazingly enough, we actually do feel the wind more during the winter, and there’s actually a reason behind it. When trees are in full leaf, they act as a natural wind buffer that helps slow things down at ground level. When trees lose their leaves, wind speeds at ground-level increase by around 25-40%.

That’s why wind storms can be so damaging in the winter. When winds speeds pick up on the ground, a tree with a weak root system or dead or weak branches has an increased chance of branches breaking or the entire tree toppling over. ISA Certified Arborist, Erik Rodgers shares a sad example from Giroud Tree and Lawn’s emergency tree removal last week.

When wind gusts in the Philadelphia area reached around 60 miles an hour, trees across the area were hit with a ton of force. One victim of this chaos was a gigantic Maple tree. The wind toppled the tree and yanked its root system right out of the ground where it slammed into our customer’s driveway.

“It’s not every day you see something like this,” explains Erik.  “This tree shouldn’t have fallen.  It was healthy and had a strong root system.  If the roots system had failed, we would have seen a massive ball of roots and dirt when it fell over. In this case, the roots simply snapped off from the force of the wind coming across an open yard.” ISA Certified Arborist Erik Rodgers continued.

By calling Giroud, the customer was able to have the Maple tree removed quickly, easily and without further damage done to the property. The Giroud crew was able to cut the tree into manageable pieces for a crane to lift off the lawn and into a chipper where the wood was then loaded onto Giroud’s trucks to be used as mulch or firewood. This method ensures no heavy machinery was resting on the saturated lawn after the rainstorm; keeping the customer’s landscape looking pristine at the end of the job. If you experience any storm damage due to snow or high winds and want professionals, who care deeply about your property while effectively taking care of your emergency, contact Giroud Tree and Lawn today!

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