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Maple Is Late to Leaf Out and May Have Health Issues

Happy Arbor Day!

Celebrate Arbor Day by getting outside to see how your trees are doing.  How did they stand up to the fierce winter?  Do you see new growth and buds on branch tips or signs of decay and deadwood?

Below is a list of our Top Spring Warning Signs of Tree Problems:
  1. Delayed or Partial Leaf Out: When a tree leafs out later than others of the same type, has lack of new growth, dwarf leaves or only some sections of the tree leaf out, the tree may have health issues.
  2. Damaged Leaves: Chewed, yellowing or discolored leaves may be signs of insect activity or disease.
  3. Borers: One of the biggest concerns is Emerald Ash Borer which recently invaded our area. Emerald Ash Borer is 100% fatal to Ash trees. Professional treatment is the only way to protect Ash from this deadly pest.
  4. Decay: Mushrooms and shelf fungi are symptoms of decay when growing out of the root system or trunk of a tree. Another sign of decay is a cavity. If the decay is extensive, then the tree may be hazardous.
  5. Excessive deadwood: Dead branches can be a serious safety hazard to people and property. Brittle branches tend to break more easily in storms.
If you spot any of these problems, get a health inspection by your Giroud Arborist!  He will check your trees for hazards, insects and disease issues and let you know the best actions to take.
Author: Cindy Giroud

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