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Using Horticultural Oils to Treat scale Insects

Giroud Treats Destructive Pests With Horticultural Oil

Scale, Mites, and Adelgid are common insects that can do a lot of damage to your trees and shrubs. There are a few different treatment options available to attack these bugs, but using Horticultural Oil is an eco-friendly approach. Read on to learn how these oils work and how they can help you cut down on chemical treatments!

Early Warning Signs

Once there is significant damage, extreme measures need to be taken to combat scale, mites, and adelgid. However, if caught in time, Horticultural Oil is a green, eco-friendly way to treat them. Knowing what to look for is key to spotting trouble early.

Check your trees for the following warning signs:

  • white cottony spots
  • rust colored needles
  • major needle loss or excessive thinning

These insects can damage trees and shrubs in the following ways;

  • suck the sap out of plants, zapping nutrients from the plant
  • stunt plant growth
  • secrete “honeydew”, a sticky, sugary secretion that turns to black, sooty mold
  • attract bees, wasps, and ants to your property

If you see any of these signs, it is imperative that you call your ISA Certified Giroud Arborist right away. He will be able to identify the problem and get you started on a treatment program ASAP! He will also determine if your trees and shrubs are good candidates for the Horticultural Oil, or if they need a stronger program.

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How Horticultural Oils Work to Kill Insects

Giroud uses a horticultural oil to kill scale, mites, and adelgid on contact. This is sprayed throughout the leaf canopy and on the undersides of the leaves. Rather than using chemicals, these eco-friendly oils smother the insects and suffocate them. These oils will also smother any eggs, which wipes out the next generation!

Your Giroud Arborist may also recommend pruning out the affected branches. Pruning paired with treatment will boost new, healthy growth!

Catching Insects Early

If you think your trees or shrubs are suffering from scale, mites or adelgid and you want to know if you can organically treat scale on your property, call 215-682-7704. A Giroud ISA Certifed Arborist will be able to properly diagnose the type of scale your tree or shrub may have, and will recommend the best treatment plan!

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