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Giroud brothers load the truck with Philabundance donations

The weather is beautiful today as Giroud brothers, Matt & Jeff, load up the truck with our ‎Philabundance donations this morning. We are so thankful for everyone who donated toward this amazing cause to feed needy families this winter.

We donated 368 pounds of food to the Philabundance food bank!

This is a great achievement and could not have been done without all of your help.




A message from Philabundance:

There are three quarters of a million people in our service area who face hunger every day. We provide food to approximately 90,000 people per week – of which 30% are children and 15% are senior citizens. There is no quick fix, but by collaborating with fellow organizations, partners, donors and the public, we are working towards making nutritious food accessible to all. You can be a part of the growing momentum to end hunger throughout the region.” 

Visit www.philabundance.org for more information on how you too can help! 

Author: Cindy Giroud

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