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Snow Can Weigh Down Branches and Cause Breakage

Get Ready for Snow!

Trees and shrubs can take a real beating from snowplows, deicers and storms. Giroud recommends the following steps to protect your trees:

  1. Prevent snowplow damage: Meet with your snowplow service about where to pile the snow. Mark the location of your ornamental plantings with tall stakes tied with bright ribbon to keep the plows away.
  2. Beware of Deicers: Read the label on your Deicer. Many Deicers can damage or kill shrubs and trees. Use a Deicer that is friendly to your plants and soil such as Calcium Chloride or CMA.
  3. Shake ice and snow off shrubs and small trees: Use a long pole or rake to gently lift branches and dislodge snow or ice. The heavy weight can break or split trees and shrubs.
Author: Cindy Giroud

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