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Food Fight!

Tree Fertilization treatments give your trees the nutrients needed to thrive

There’s a war going on between your trees and your lawn. Unfortunately, your lawn is probably winning. Both are competing for a limited supply of nutrients in your soil. Since your lawn’s roots are above your tree’s roots, your lawn is first in line to gobble up nutrients in the topsoil. As a result, your tree is getting robbed of the nutrients needed to thrive.

Fertilizer or soil treatments may be the answer. These treatments are definitely not one size fits all. Like people, the nutritional needs of your trees can vary widely by age and living conditions. That’s why, Giroud has a variety of custom formulas to match the exact needs of your tree.

How do you know if your trees need fertilizer or soil treatments? “Almost any tree can benefit from treatments targeted to its specific age and condition,” says Drew Slousky, Giroud Vice President and ISA Certified Arborist. “As arborists, we find that annual treatment is most frequently recommended for:

  1. Health Maintenance: Giroud’s Fertilizer with Bio-stimulants or our Broad Spectrum Vitamin Complex replenishes the nutrients depleted by the lawn, leeching, freezing and thawing.
  2. Young Plantings: Soil disturbance and trauma from planting or new construction make it difficult for young trees to get established. Our fertilizer with bio-stimulants promotes root growth as well as lush leaf development and color. Mycorrihizae, an essential fungus, may be needed to enable the roots to better absorb nutrients and water.
  3. Trees in decline: The first step is to discover the cause of decline. A soil test may be required to determine soil deficiencies and ph levels. Test results will dictate the best strategy but may include: fertilizer, mycorrihizae, specific micronutrients (minerals) or other soil amendments.”
    1. Give your trees a much needed boost. . It all starts with contacting your Giroud ISA Certified Arborist for a free inspection.

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