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Fixing Overgrown Landscapes

Overgrown Shrubs Require Pruning or Removal

Is your landscape looking overgrown or neglected?  Trees and shrubs have grown massively thanks to an abundance of rain.(pictured: Overgrown shrubs hide the beauty of this landscapeTree crowns have become thick, impenetrable targets for wind damage. Shrubs are overtaking beds and encroaching on paths and drives.  (pictured: Beautiful home is hidden behind overgrown plants.)

It’s time to shape up!

  1. Shrubs: Trim and shape overgrown shrubs to clear pathways and show off your home.
  2. Trees: Reduce weight, increase air flow and help prevent storm damage.
  3. Plant New Trees: Create a privacy screen.  Add an ornamental tree for interest or color.  Fix a problem area.  Giroud will help you pick the best tree or shrub and plant it for you.(video: Landscape is transformed with new plantings)

Schedule your free evaluation now and we’ll have your landscape looking well-groomed and beautiful in no time.

Author: Cindy Giroud

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