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Fix Lawn Problems Now!

Mike Taraborrelli, Giroud Lawn Care Manager, explains that Giroud's Lawn Treatment Program is customized to fit the exact needs of each lawn

Is your lawn a green carpet or a source of frustration? Poor lawn appearance is usually a symptom of deeper problems.

An ugly or unhealthy looking lawn may have multiple problems. It could be troubled by poor soil, nutrient deficiencies, pests or even bad mowing or watering practices.

Find the solutions! It all starts with figuring out what’s causing the problems in the first place.


As explained in this lawn care video by Mike Taraborrelli, our Lawn Care Manager, “no two lawns are alike. The soil and other growing conditions can be radically different from one neighbor to another and even between different areas of the same lawn. That’s why, we always do a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best way to build a great lawn.”

Solutions include:

  1. Lawn Treatment Programs: Giroud’s Lawn program is customized to fit the exact needs of each lawn. Additionally, we offer both traditional and 100% organic lawn treatments that are pet and family friendly. For Spring, we apply a lawn fertilizer treatment containing both quick and slow release nitrogen. If the lawn has been recently seeded, we use a starter fertilizer formula
  2. Weed and Crabgrass Controls: Catch crabgrass early by applying a preemergent crabgrass control to inhibit weedy grass germination. You don’t have to DIY this! Giroud’s 6 Visit Lawn Care Program includes weed and crabgrass control.
  3. Tree Pruning: Thin and raise tree canopies to allow more light on lawn areas affected by excessive shade.
  4. Lawn Repair: In the fall, core aeration followed by organic compost topdressing will improve soil drainage, structure, nutrient availability, and reduce thatch levels. For many lawns, an annual lime application is required to get the pH in balance.  Lawns with more serious problems may need more extensive renovation or complete replacement.
  5. Monitoring: Lawn care is never a once and done. That’s why, Giroud’s PA Certified Lawn Applicators monitor your lawn to stay on top of changes throughout the growing season. This approach ensures the lawn gets the right treatments or service at the right time to achieve optimum health.

Turn your lawn from drab to fab! Give Giroud Tree and Lawn a call, and book your appointment with your Giroud Lawn Expert today!

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