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Fall Deep Root Fertilizing

The Many Great Benefits of Tree Fertilizer

Trees, like people, need vitamins and nutrients in order to live healthy, thriving lives. An annual tree fertilizer Deep Root Feeding can do wonders for a tree, especially if it’s been under any stress! Read on to learn the many wonderful benefits of fertilizing your tree.

What is a Deep Root Feeding?

Giroud’s specially formulated fertilization is injected directly into the ground around the base of your tree and filters down through the soil to reach the tree’s roots. This Deep Root Feeding will:

-Replenish your tree’s vitamins and nutrients
-Strengthen the root system
-Stimulate healthy and vibrant new growth

Why Should You get a Deep Root Feeding for Your Tree?

Every tree benefits from a Deep Root Feeding! Check out Giroud’s Vice President and ISA Certified Arborist, Drew Slousky, in this video to see an amazing comparison of two Sycamore Trees. One has been fertilized each year and the other has not. Drew shows the stark differences between the fertilized tree that is healthy and in full leaf and another tree down the street that is clearly in poor health. Fertilizer works! Like a vitamin for humans, trees need to be fertilized annually to maintain good health and fight off disease and insects.

Why Tree Fertilizer is More Important to Some Trees

There are also special cases where Deep Root Feedings are not just encouraged, but vital to a tree’s vitality. Here are a few added reasons why your tree may need a fertilizer treatment:

-A year of heavy rain can wash vital nutrients from the soil and make trees with weak root systems more likely to uproot
-Your tree’s leaves are turning color too early in the fall
-Your tree has a limited root system because of barriers such as sidewalks, driveways and houses
-Your tree has been cabled, bolted or staked
-Your tree has suffered some sort of stress, such as storm damage, insect infestation, or disease
-Your tree is a valuable part of your landscape, and you want to ensure it continues to grow vibrant, healthy and strong!

Why should you hire an ISA Certified Arborist to treat your new tree?

There is a science to fertilizing trees. An ISA Certified Arborist will have the know how to understand exactly what formula is best to feed your species of tree.

Things to ask before choosing a tree service company to give your tree a Deep Root Feeding:

  • Are you an ISA Certified Arborist?
  • Have you performed a tree fertilization on this particular type of tree?
  • Do you have recommendations from other satisfied customers for whom you’ve provided tree care services?
  • What are the professional credentials of the plant health care tech who will be performing my tree’s fertilization?

It all Starts with a Tree Inspection by an ISA Certified Arborist

Giroud’s ISA Certified Arborists have a wealth of experience and training to properly treat any tree on your property. Call 215-682-7704 today to schedule a FREE Evaluation for your tree’s Deep Root Feeding.


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