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Emergency Tree Job at Please Touch Museum

ISA Certified Arborist Mike Chenail is On the Scene at the Please Touch Museum.

It’s not every day someone from Giroud gets to go on a field trip to Philadelphia, especially when it’s to a place as cool as the Please Touch Museum! Okay, so maybe we didn’t get to check out the awesome rotating and permanent interactive exhibits they have. But we were on the scene to help them with a massive emergency tree removal. 

A giant Oak tree towered ominously over the area where buses drop off children for their fun day at the Museum. During the night, a massive limb snapped and was hanging precariously up in the tree. “When we came in the next morning and saw the situation,” says Dave Pritchard, Director of Operations at Please Touch Museum, “we recognized the danger to our guests, quarantined the area, and immediately called Giroud Tree and Lawn for an expert evaluation.”

Giroud ISA Certified Arborist, Mike Chenail rushed to the scene. Another branch had broken off before he could get there. “When I got on location, I could confirm that the Oak tree had sustained a lot of damage. Two large pieces of deadwood had snapped but were still hanging up in the tree. Both were threatening to fall at any moment, making this a very dangerous situation,” said Chenail. “At minimum, those two limbs needed to be safely removed to eliminate any potential danger,” he continued.

Unfortunately, the two broken limbs weren’t the tree’s only problems,” explains Chenail. “After careful inspection, we realized that the Oak tree was unstable and a hazard. For the safety of guests and pedestrians, the entire tree had to be removed.”

Leading the Giroud crew was Mike Chenail along with Crew Leader, Dan Rombold, as well as Tree Climbers, Jim Fairfield and Leo Interiano. With heavy duty equipment, including a massive wood chipper and 60 foot bucket truck, our guys were primed and ready to tackle the hazardous tree.

Whenever you see a tree with little or no foliage on certain branches, it could be a sign of deadwood. Inevitably, this deadwood will eventually fall and possibly damage your property or cause serious injury. But, what is seen from the outside may not tell the whole story of what’s going on from the inside. “Deadwood isn’t always easy to spot,” explains Mike Chenail.  “It can hollow out neighboring branches before showing any obvious signs of fatigue. It’s important to call an experienced ISA Certified Arborist to check it out and see the full extent of the damage.”

We commend the Please Touch Museum for their quick action in keeping their guests safe and for giving us a call. If you see any possible signs of deadwood or decline in the health of your trees, make sure to give us a call.   We’ll tell you how to keep your property, and more importantly, your friends and family safe and sound. The consultation is free, but the consequences of not acting can be long lasting. Contact Giroud Tree and Lawn today!

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