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Eco Friendly Lawn Care

Eco-friendly lawn insect killers

Insects have long been a huge problem for everyone during the summer time. They are not only extremely irritating but also can cause harm to animals and humans. Although insects and different bugs do live everywhere, the majority of them are found in and around lawns and grass. And, since we spend a lot of time sitting, playing, and working on the grass, we need to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. There are many different sprays and products which can help you get rid of lawn insects efficiently. But, many of these products contain artificial chemicals, and if they are not used as advised, they can cause harm to the environment. Therefore, if we want to take care not only of ourselves but of the world around us as well, we can choose eco-friendly and environmentally safe ways to kill lawn insects.

There are three major types of lawn insect killers which are green and eco-friendly – botanical lawn control products, microbial pesticides, and beneficial insects. The first type, the botanical control products, are either products or plants that are used to kill and repel different kinds of bugs and insects. Plants such as rosemary, thyme, peppermint, sesame, wintergreen, and thyme have essential oils in them which are unpleasant and even deadly to many insects. Giroud’s Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Program uses these oils to kill and repel the pests naturally.   But, if you don’t want to use a mosquito spray for yard, you can also just plant the plants in your garden, which will result in the decrease of the overall number of bugs and insects around your home.

The second type of eco-friendly lawn insect killers is microbial pesticides. These pesticides are natural microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria, which affect insects by killing them. These lawn insecticides come in granule, dust or spray forms, and have to be applied directly to the turf. The bacteria in these products target insect nervous, digestive or any other vital system, and therefore causes death. However, although these products aren’t dangerous to humans and pets, we still should keep them away from children and animals, as they can harm themselves by swallowing or drinking the microbial pesticide.

And the third, and last type of eco-friendly lawn insect killers is just having beneficial insects around. Not all insects are as bad as we think. We can get rid of the most annoying insects, like mosquitoes and flies, by having pests, which are harmless to humans. Many insects like to feed on mosquitoes and many other harmful garden insects, for example, praying mantis or dragonflies. Additionally, if you have bats in your backyard or basement, don’t try to get rid of them, as one bat can eat up to thousand different insects per hour. Imagine how much a small family of bats can decrease the overall number of insects in your garden. If you don’t have bats around your property but would like to attract some, you can introduce a bat house in your outdoors are. Lastly, similar to bats, a lot of bird species also feed on insects and bugs. By adding bird feeders and houses, you can attract birds which will get rid of the unwelcome insects in your backyard, leaving you free to enjoy your time outdoors.

There are multiple methods that you can employ to get rid of mosquitoes and any other unwelcome insect that hangs out in your backyard. Three of the most common ones are using microbial pesticides that kill insects fast and extremely efficiently, using essential oils derived from insect repelling plants around your yard, or luring bats and birds into your outdoor space so they can combat the insects. All of these techniques will help you diminish a number of bad insects that live in the vicinity of your home, yet will be eco-friendly and green, therefore won’t cause harm to you or the nature around you.

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