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Do Lawn Treatments Work?

Lawn Before and After Giroud Lawn Treatments

Well, the short answer is: “It depends.” Like a great recipe, lawn treatment results depend several key ingredients like the right mix of treatments for your particular lawn plus the skill of the Lawn Applicator!

Of course, the best way to know if Giroud Lawn Treatmentswork, is to see for yourself.

David Minutella, of Willow Grove, has been a Giroud Lawn customer since 2013. He was excited to share these “Before” and “After” photos showing how his lawn has responded to our Program.

According to David, there’s an “Incredible difference when you compare the two.” We definitely agree!

Hereare the main ingredients in Giroud’s recipe for successful lawn treatments: 1. Balanced, rich soil for good growing conditions. 2. Right mix of treatments for your specific lawn and current weather conditions 3. Irrigation or watering in dry periods 4. Mowing regularly at no shorter than 3″ 5. Training and knowledge of our Lawn Applicators. Soil, irrigation, knowledge and the quality of the lawn treatments, all matters.

Together, these ingredients add up to the difference between an “ok” lawn and a showstopper.

With both traditional and 100% organic lawn treatments, how can Giroud help your lawn? Give us a call!

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