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Crabgrass Weed

Do It Yourself: Weed Control

Before you plant, take time to minimize weeds.

  1. Apply a pre-emergent weed and grass control: Last year’s weeds left their seeds in your shrub and flower beds. Apply Preen or ask Giroud to manage your beds for you with a professional grade treatment.
  2. Use Organic Alternative: Great for vegetable gardens and organic gardeners, spread newspapers on the bare soil before you mulch. The newspaper keeps weeds down and eventually decomposes to become organic matter.
  3. Add Mulch: Spread a thin layer of mulch to help retain moisture and suppress weeds.
  4. Control Perennial Weeds: Apply a post-emergent spray like Round-up. Or, ask Giroud to take control as needed with professional grade treatments in your gardens, patios, walks and driveways.
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