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Best Trees to Replace Dead Ash

Without treatment, it’s inevitable. All untreated Ash trees in our region will be killed by Emerald Ash Borers. That’s going to leave a lot of bare spots in our landscapes.Pictured: Ash Trees killed by Emerald Ash Borers; all that’s left is logs and stumps after removal.

Many of us will want to fill the empty space with a beautiful new tree. But, what tree is best for your landscape?

PennLive to the rescue! Check out this list of the Top 12 Mid-size trees that are good replacements for Ash trees. These trees will grow to about 25-50 feet tall, are resistant to Emerald Ash Borer and add interest to your landscape.

Best trees to replace Ash Trees killed by Emerald Ash Borers

Now is a great time to plant trees and shrubs to brighten up your landscape. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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